Saturday, August 22, 2009

A narrow ecape

HED is a wonderful place. Where else can you go from the safety of empire space directly into the wild wild west otherwise know as null sec. I'm sure there are other systems out there, but I just happened to be this particular system.

"Sir, I dont think we are going to make it out of this one" said the comms officer aboard the Gallente Thorax 'Popper'.

I had just jumped into HED from another 0.0 system. I was on my way back to empire space, and wanted to get there as quickly as I could. I was fully expecting a camp, but I guessed it would be on the high sec gate, vice one of the random 0.0 gates. Well I guessed wrong, and when the screen loaded, I was in the middle of two huge bubbles with a fleet of around 9 folks just waiting for me to decloak so they could rip the hull of my ship.

"Well then, we shouldn't make it easy for them" said Nick Riddick, captain of the 'Popper', smiling ever so slightly. He lived for these moments.

I was waiting for my moment, and I didn't have to wait long. Another ship decloaked and the other fleet wasted no time in jumping on the poor fella. Seeing an opening, I took it and lit the afterburner II and headed for the closest exit of the bubble. It was about this point that I realized that I hadn't updated my clone, and if I were to be podded, I would lose over 1 million skill points. It just got serious.

As soon as I decloaked I started taking fire. To bad for them they were blaster boats and I was outside of their range. Upon exiting the bubble I was already a quarter into armor and was being warp jammed by a single Jaguar.

After aligning to a belt, I noticed the Jag had made a big mistake. He had closed to within web range. A quick click of the targeting systems, a few seconds later, and the jag was being smashed with 5 T2 Ion cannons and a web. If I was going down, I'm taking this guy with me.

His Jag was taking a beating, but by now I was just starting to get into hull damage. Well as luck will have it, he didnt feel like dieing that day and warped off at 50% hull thereby freeing me from my warp scam.

Activating the warp drive, Nick Riddick thought to him self "Not today friend, not today".

The long and the short of it is that I was able to get out of 0.0 with 85% hull left, and the first thing I did once docking up was to update my clone.